How did we get from autumn to spring without an update on our renovation…??

Because we waited for 6 months for permits where we were expecting two. Long winter months, in which both in the Netherlands and in Cortona the days were short and wet… and we almost forgot that on that brown hill invested by wild boars, there lay an unfinished house waiting for our TLC…

In the meantime, luckily a few things did happen. Everything that does not require a permit has been done, including all the preparations to take off like a rocket when the coveted renovation permit is finally received. Sadly, however, we had to give up on the hope that we would be able to be there this summer…

The good news, however, is that there is movement again.  The italian bear has woken up from hibernation. Current situation: at the beginning of April we expect the final approval for the renovation (the application for this has by then switches many different hands…) after which we can start the real construction works.

Following a few weeks of breaking down internal walls and creating the extension, David will go to Italy again (hopefully the 2nd half of May) to select bathroom furniture and cotto floors (again), and to assess how the technology for the swimming pool should be concealed.

Add that to some tough negotiations with the contractor and other parties involved, and he will have a busy few days!

In the meantime, we’ll dive into the world of window frames, decisions on the location of the electric stove in relation to sinks and the question of whether we are really going to install bidets while in our eyes they only take up space.