Memory drawings

I have a nice pile of travel journals, filled with sketches, cards, little flowers, etc. Over the years, however, a particular style emerged; whether it is a long holiday with my family, a ski trip with friends of a short weekend just by myself, I create a page or two containing things like the location, the activities, the food, particular presents, colours, business cards or invitations, maps,dates, and – ALWAYS – quotes, that together form the perfect ‘summary’. Like a friend of mine once said: I have the impression that the trip isn’t over for you until you have completed your overview. So true! My travel mates always get a copy, which they then put in a frame or include in their printed Foto album. It ALWAYS make them laugh as hard as we did on our trip, and more often then not they find (often much later) hidden references to things that had happened or had been said.

Get your own! 

Does that sound like fun to you too? Would you like me to make a similar ‘summary’ of you memorable day, weekend or trip? E.g. for the person that invited you to her holiday home? For your parents’ wedding anniversary or child’s wedding? I bet it’ ‘sparks more  joy’ than an engraved wine cooler!

How does it work?

Since my Memory Drawings really have to resonate with you, I will always discuss your request in person. Based on our conversation and your answers to a list of questions/suggestions and pictures, I will then design the illustration . Needless to say: I will start the work AFTER the event ; ) How would you otherswise know what grandpa said to make grandma pee!

Would you like to obtain printed copies from the original for other participants, this can be discussed too.

Interested? please send me an email to I would be happy to discuss your wishes.

Would you like me to create a memory drawing for you occasion?

Size of the drawing:  21 x 30 cm (A4)
The size including a passe partout and frame is 30 x 40 cm.

Price: € 725,00 (ex. shipping costs)