About me

Before I called myself an Artist

I am not like many other artist, that would say “As a little kid I did nothing but draw!” or “As a little kid, you would always find me all by myself in the woods, armed with pencils and paper”… Nope. Instead, when I was young, I liked a lot of things, from playing sports, selling home-made earrings made out of coloured electricity wire (as you do) and playing the piano. Later on, I worked as a lawyer for a number of years in both Amsterdam, Alkmaar and London, followed by a career as a child therapist in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Until, one day, I took a better look at the impressive pile of travel journals that (despite all my other interests) I had put together unnoticed over the years, and started to take my pleasure in drawing more seriously.

At that time I was (and am) still very much intrigued by children and their families and happy to see my clients thrive again. But at the same time, the work was wearing me out. By pushing through, relying on both discipline and my sense of responsibility, it started to consumed all my energy, without room for any of the many other things that interest me. (I had dropped the earing business by then, but still). I decided to close my practice in 2022 and follow my heart in stead.

Subsequently, I embarked on a personal journey to discover what I wanted to do next and – most importantly – WHY. Who was I without any of these ‘titles’ and careers?

Now that I am an Artist

Although it hasn’t always been easy (“Shouldn’t I be doing something ‘useful?’, Shouldn’t I have another degree for what I want to do next?), the ‘journey‘ has been extremely valuable. Of course, I don’t have all the answers to my questions (will I ever) and I realise that I will never be done learning. But what I do know, is what I love doing most at this time of my life… ánd that it is OK to then actually do it too!

So: today I am an artist. I draw and paint. Getting joy out of making things that I really really love (i.e. ITALY) and things that other people really love. And in both cases subjects that bring a smile to one’s face, because of the memory it evokes.

Please take a look at the things I love about Italy or what I can do for you!

Should you have any questions or want to discuss anything re. my illustrations, please contact me on stefanie@stefanievietor.nl of 06-39757151.